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My team is here to get you out of DEBT or out of a broken Marriage. It is difficult to pay attorney fee's.
If your in trouble and can't afford to pay your bills how can you afford an attorney? What's a person to do?
We can help, we have affordable prices! I have been working to help people get out of debt, for over 10 years. One Stop Document Service is here to help:
Free you from the headache!

Credit Report Consulting

Uncontested Divorce

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Credit Repair
Negotiate Debt
Repair Errors
Write Credit Letter
Last Will and Testament
Notary "Mobile"

Need some help with raising up your credit scores? Let us help you with that too. My goal is to help you help yourself to a fresh start. 

My Team

I have a team of highly qualified experts who have been handling all types of credit problems. I have successfully built a reliable practice clients can rely upon. Each member is passionate about working to help you to achieve your goals. If you are one of the millions who are turned down and lost hope of Homeownership due to low credit scores. I say "If Its not etched in stone! it can still be fixed" credit is a good thing to have.


Over the years, I have worked with numerous clients who have had credit problems, or no credit. I have come to realize that nearly every one of us were not educated on credit, and how it works.

It is easy to damage and how hard it is to get to your "financial health".

Upon reviewing your Credit Report, I can help you decide, what approach we need to take. Together we will take the necessary steps to clean and fix your credit. 


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